Friday, March 13, 2009

SiteBuildIt - Demystifying Myths and Hype

Sitebuildit, commonly known as SBI is the "only all-in-one website-building software that helps people build a profitable business online".
Dr. Ken Evoy the president, designed this niche software to help entrepreneurs build profitable businesses online. With all the hype that goes on the Internet, it is almost impossible to find a genuine review of something. This knowledge is through the writer's experience with Site build it.
Myth 1: Site Build It is for everyone.
If someone tells you that SBI is the only way to build a successful website online, that is not true. although it is definitely one of the best choices for the average person.
Site build It has all the tools in one place. Instead of going from place to place looking for different tools, you will find them in one place. This will save you lots of time and money.Experienced webmasters love and use SBI as well as newbies. Before you consider Site build it, you must know the kind of website you want to build. SBI is specifically ideal for content-rich sites targeting free organic traffic from the search engines. If you want a page or two, site build it is NOT for you.
Myth 2: Site build it is for newbies:
This it absolutely NOT true. Because the process is simplified to such a degree that success is achievable even for a beginner, many think it is only for newbies. If you are experienced, sitebuild it makes your success even smoother. You can change many things to suit your expertise.
Myth 3: You can Get Rich Quickly:
If you are looking for a quick way to make money, one to three months, sitebuild it is not for you. Don't get me wrong, depending on your past experiences and other factors, you can quickly make money... BUT on average, it takes some time... Site build it is more than just building a website. It goes into the fundamentals of building a profitable business. And businesses need time. Right?
If you are not willing to work hard, invest time and read a lot, site build it is not for you. The good news is, you will reap from your initial effort for many many more years.
Myth 4: All SiteBuildIt sites look the same.
You have an option of designing your look and feel. Most people stick to the basic templates and concentrate on strategies to build traffic. As we all know, it is useless to have a nice looking website without visitors. Besides, people search for info and they love a site which can be navigated easily. Once you have put most of the hard work out of the way, you can think of redesigning your templates. Site build it evolves every other day. With technology, things don't remain static. It is a good practice to check with them time and again to see what new features they have added.
Myth 5: SiteBuildIt is very expensive.
The question is, "Expensive compared to what?" People who own SBI sites agree that the $299 yearly fee is nothing compared to what you get within the package. If you were to find and purchase those tools separately, they would cost thousands of dollars. In fact many SBIres( a term referring to people who own SBI sites) have more than two sites. This is because they know the value..(I am about to launch my second one:-)
Instead of building a free site or one which costs like 5 bucks a month and you have no clue of where to start from, you are better off investing in site build it. It is useless to build a site that is doomed to fail in the first place... Thousands of people have spent fortunes and lots of time to build websites only to be disappointed.

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