Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pay Per Click Advertising "PPC" - Your Tips and Tricks

Lets use the following example of a PPC campaign to promote a hotel in Poland.
This is how I suggest you go about it. Set your website up showing all your "BENEFITS" that you offer, (not features such as how many rooms your Hotel has etc), but focus on the night life, fun, excitement, peace or luxury that your hotel/area offers.
If you have a pool put a photo of some pretty girls swimming/ having fun around it for instance or some photos of your chefs specialty dishes in a nice setting together with two elegant glasses of wine all candle lite.
Identify What will attract tourists to your area and focus your marketing strategy on that?
Then clearly explain how to make a booking on your site and the reason again why they should book with you. Some Photo's to remind them what they will be missing if they fail to act now....
Right... now you want people to visit your website, this is where PPC comes in.
You can choose any one of the following to advertise with. Each has its own advantages depending on your market. Try Google first and see how you fare with them as they have the largest search results and their campaigns are very easily to set up.
Google AdWords,
Marketing solutions.
Open an account and set up your advert following their step by step format.
A Few Tips And Explanations Before You Start.
Go to and download a free trial keyword tool to find "good" keywords which people use when searching the web for your market. This tool is a must. It will give you alternate keyword phrases and show you how many searches are made in Google, Msn, and Yahoo. This gives you an idea how to promote your site and with which advertiser to go with...
Include the best key word phrases suited to your campaign, as well as in your add.
The idea of your ad is to get people to click your link to your web site. The Head line must get your prospects attention and then explain what good feeling they will get by going to click that link.
Key Words and Phrases.
In your campaign you must understand the difference between content match and search match. Search match is the words or phrase that people type into their browser to find what that they are looking for. These people are looking for particular information and are normally the best prospects to target...
In Wordtracker find the best 5 or 6 keyword phrases like "Best Polish Holiday Resort" and use these in your Google keyword match. If you put "..." around your phrase, (example "Best Polish Holiday Resort") your ad will only show to people using that exact search phrase. This means your ad is more targeted and should give you the best and cheapest results. Remember each click that they make costs you money.
Content match ad on the other hand will show on a web page that has content related to your ad only. These surfers are not your best prospects as they are not targeted and may click out of curiosity. More clicks and cost to you but less effective....
YouTube has a lot of videos showing you how to set up a PPC account, just type "PPC advertise" into their search bar.
To help you set up your own website and autoresponder mailing list system, a membership site I recommend is the one that helped me get this one going. Your first months membership cost I think is $1. Try it out and see how easy it is to follow step by simple step video instruction. If you do not like what you see- cancel your subscription.

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