Friday, April 3, 2009

Why Build a Social Bookmarking Website?

While there are many benefits to participating in online communities like social bookmarking sites, there are also huge gains to be had by building your own. While a lot of complex coding can go in to such a website, installation is actually quite easy when you're building such a site with Pligg or another pre-existing and free content management system for bookmarking.
Bookmarking sites share a common principle: new pages of content are submitted by the users of the community and these new pages are focused around links to other interesting web resources. When you're running one, this means creation of content is virtually automated - the most you will need to do is monitor and moderate the incoming data to maintain a theme and a sense of quality. Otherwise, surfers and other webmasters will gladly write your website for you!
Another benefit to running a bookmarking site is the potential links you can point to yourself. One choice is to add site-wide links to the template so that every new page points to your favorite domain. Another choice is to add links individually to your bookmarking site, or even automatically pick up new posts from your blog through an RSS importer plug-in. Since its you're site, you can also decide what goes on the front page. This can be a great way to promote your best stories or highest converting pages! The effect can even be amplified if the social bookmarking site is hosted on an IP address different than the main website you are trying to promote. The search engines will then be more likely to assume they are unique sites.
And It's Easier than Ever
The programming that goes into such an automated bookmarking site can be quite daunting to anyone who hasn't made a career out of coding websites. Fortunately, that does not matter for today's webmasters! Pligg is a free and open-source web application that accomplishes all of the functionality and community features people have come to look for in a bookmarking site. Manual installation can be a little bit tricky, but multiple online resources exist to guide one through the process. Some web hosts, like Dreamhost, even provide a completely automated installation process that can set up a new bookmarking site in a matter of minutes.

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