Friday, May 2, 2008

Things To Remember before you start your Adsense Campaign

It is obvious that you can make some good money with Google Adsense. The high end points you have to keep in mind and follow thereby you can save your account from getting cancelled by the Big G. Here are few points if you pay attention to these you will enjoy earning with Google for a long time.

First thing is at first. Never provide false information at the time of filling application for Google Adsense Account. If they found fake identity at any time of dealing with them they will simply block your account and all the money earned will not be paid to you. What they say that they will distribute among the advertisers. Because the false identity will make a serious problems related with the tax authority of the country you belong to.

Never hack or modify Google Adsense Code other than that which Google allow you to alter. Changing or modifying the code in a unauthorized way will make a great catastrophic situation with the system and Google will never accept this type of activity. They may take you to the court of law. You can't escape after damaging their business.

Better don't display Adsense Ads from all the pages which deal with registration, confirmation and "thank you". Google Terms of Service don't allow you to do this. You may think that these are the awesome locations to display your Adsense Ads.

On the same page do not show Adsense Ads and other competitor's ads. Google do not like that their ads will be cluttered by other competitor's ads.

Never ask for clicks from the visitors of your site or never use any text which means the same sense. Or don't provide any incentive to the visitors for clicking on the Adsense ads. Some PPC company upto some extent may allow you to do this but Google is very strict on this regard and click fraud is dealt with seriously.
Be 100% sure not click yourself on the ads running on your own sites. You may be genuine to click on some interesting product ads and you may be planning to purchase that product. Google stuff will reach to these activity and you will get a goodbye message form them.

Do not use any misleading phrases other than those Google allow to appear below the Adsense ads like Sponsored Links or Advertisements. This is mainly not to confuse the visitors.

Do not use highly optimization tricks by using keywords spamming. Google is wise enough to catch your divisive tricks and your days will be numbered. Few things here try to avoid always.

Avoid using duplicate contents.

Avoid using hidden text or links of any type.

Avoid excessive outbound links on any page. You are permitted up to 100. Do not advertise anything which Google prohibit from doing so like. Hacking/ Cracking contents, Porn material, Illegal drugs, Gambling sites, Beer or hard alcohol.

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